Slice of Life Day 12


Scientists say that these days  a lot of material from the Sun will reach Earth. Check this out:

This is one of my favorite pages where I can find up to date information about The Sun.

Have you ever hear about de CMEs? CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) are big explosions of plasma and energy from the Sun (in simple terms). This year and the next too, the Sun will be in a very intense activity and Earth will suffer it.

But don’t worry! We are not going to die and neither is the world  going to end this December. Solar activity is as common as photosynthesis, just on a larger scale.

In the linked page you can learn more about this.


Slice Of Life Day 11

A Place for Work
Open the door and feel the fresh current of  air coming from the open window. Feel the light hitting the white walls. It seems like it could have been a place for many people with five desktops and three computers, but I am alone almost all the time. Nobody talking or whispering is the ideal environment to work in. I have my own computer and access to internet, everything I need to work. So I just sit in my place, relax and I start working.


Is so difficult start writing on my thesis. I just have to do some corrections to one of the chapters and I can’t do it! I find easier writing here. I need to concentrate.

Hello world!

This is a space created for my writing course. I want to share with all my visitors my experiences and my writings during all this time. Maybe, I will like it and I will continue blogging after my course.

I wish you clear and dark sky!*

*Look up the stars.