Celebrating kids.

I was waiting for someone to tell me: “Happy child day!” But nobody did it. My little brother said that I look like an adult because sometimes I am so serious. I know I am not a child anymore, but I’m not so terrible.
Despite all the things that brothers could say, I wish we considered all of us like a little boy or girl once in a while. For example:

When you grow up everything seems difficult… be a child, take a deep breath and relaxed.
When you grow up problems are bigger… be a child and think there is an easy solution under your sleeve, and follow it.
When you grow up money and time are not enough… be a child, don’t worry! Money comes and goes all the time, and there is always time, just look at it.
And, why don’t you go to sleep tired, exhausted and deadbeat?, not due to work but of being playing all day.

Maybe is not easy anymore watch the world through kid’s eyes. Maybe those times has finished for you but, doesn’t matter if you are fifteen, thirty or sixty… there will be always wonderful times.
I’m looking for that.

Happy days always!
(Not just on april 30th)