Thursday Afternoon

It was Thursday and I was exhausted! We were in the coffee shop and I suddenly heard the strong noise of the espresso from the coffee machine. When I turned my head I saw the steam coming from the cup of coffee and immediately, I could feel the deep and intense smell of that wonderful drink. But the little boy next to me didn’t stop asking about what was the best ice cream flavor. He was driving me crazy! And the people at that place were very noisy so I take my mind out of the coffee.

          I was paying attention to the ice cream showcase, staring at all of the different flavors, colors and textures trying to remember which one was the latest I had tasted. And, when I raised my head to ask for my turn a big piece of chocolate cake hypnotized me. I couldn’t stop thinking about sitting and taking that rich brown slice and a cup of coffee into my watering mouth, all that which smelled even inside my brain. But, there he was, my little brother waiting for his ice cream. I had promised him that both of us would eat a nice ice cream. I had no option; he could have thought that I was a lier.

I asked the salesgirl for my brother’s ice cream and mine. She said, “Here they are”. When I took my cone it was warm and wrinkled, and not very brown. I chose tiramisu flavor. Finally, I decided to eat it and forget that unforgettable coffee and cake. I just wanted to leave from that place but when I put my tongue on that spherical shape, I felt the creamy, sweet, cold piece of heaven inside my mouth. I couldn’t think about anything else. I just saw the sunset.


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