Weird dreams

I remember being standing at the end of a very long ladder when I was 9 or 10. Under my feet there were a pool. I was getting ready to jump and feel the fresh water, but I was afraid. Ready to give that big step something weird happened. An enormous whale was waiting for me inside the pool. Of course I didn’t jump. I started giving step backwards. My heart wanted to go away, ladder was too long to go down, no one was there to help me but, I saw a face very familiar to me and when I tried to distinguish that person I opened my eyes. Time to school.
I had the same strange dream (or nightmare) many nights for a long time. Then it stops.
The last days I have had a repeated dream. It is not about a whale but water is related and I’m afraid again. Well, I’m not really afraid but intrigued


2 thoughts on “Weird dreams

  1. Vianey,
    The way you left off at the end leaves me intrigues also. What do you remember about this new ocurring dream?

    • vianey says:

      Well, the magic number (in English) appears in my dreams. I have dreamed about THREE showerheads. I want to take a shower and when I go in the bathroom there are these three showerheads pulling a lot of water.
      Have you ever had the same dream for a long time?

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