The afternoon of June 5, 2012 Venus passed across the solar surface. The citizens of Morelia were able to observe this phenomenon through the helioscopes and telescopes of the SAMAC organization in Valladolid Place. This amazing phenomenon won’t happen again until December of 2117.


Since the invention of the telescope the trajectory of the planet Venus has been observed seven times. A transit occurs when the planet crosses between Earth and the Sun, like an eclipse. With Venus this rare phenomenon occurs in pairs of 8 years but in a period of more than a hundred years. The transit of Venus was used to estimate the distance between Earth and the Sun. Nowadays it is used to measure temperature and characteristics of the planet.

It is an event that won’t happen again in our life but it was not possible to see it by our own eyes. This is because staring at the sun can damage our eyes. Because of this, SAMAC organization set up an observation place in the center of the city. Three telescopes, four heliosocopes and special glasses were used to observe the transit.

For some people seeing the little spot on the solar surface was not as incredible as their expectation but it was definitely something worth to see.


Celebrating kids.

I was waiting for someone to tell me: “Happy child day!” But nobody did it. My little brother said that I look like an adult because sometimes I am so serious. I know I am not a child anymore, but I’m not so terrible.
Despite all the things that brothers could say, I wish we considered all of us like a little boy or girl once in a while. For example:

When you grow up everything seems difficult… be a child, take a deep breath and relaxed.
When you grow up problems are bigger… be a child and think there is an easy solution under your sleeve, and follow it.
When you grow up money and time are not enough… be a child, don’t worry! Money comes and goes all the time, and there is always time, just look at it.
And, why don’t you go to sleep tired, exhausted and deadbeat?, not due to work but of being playing all day.

Maybe is not easy anymore watch the world through kid’s eyes. Maybe those times has finished for you but, doesn’t matter if you are fifteen, thirty or sixty… there will be always wonderful times.
I’m looking for that.

Happy days always!
(Not just on april 30th)

Thursday Afternoon

It was Thursday and I was exhausted! We were in the coffee shop and I suddenly heard the strong noise of the espresso from the coffee machine. When I turned my head I saw the steam coming from the cup of coffee and immediately, I could feel the deep and intense smell of that wonderful drink. But the little boy next to me didn’t stop asking about what was the best ice cream flavor. He was driving me crazy! And the people at that place were very noisy so I take my mind out of the coffee.

          I was paying attention to the ice cream showcase, staring at all of the different flavors, colors and textures trying to remember which one was the latest I had tasted. And, when I raised my head to ask for my turn a big piece of chocolate cake hypnotized me. I couldn’t stop thinking about sitting and taking that rich brown slice and a cup of coffee into my watering mouth, all that which smelled even inside my brain. But, there he was, my little brother waiting for his ice cream. I had promised him that both of us would eat a nice ice cream. I had no option; he could have thought that I was a lier.

I asked the salesgirl for my brother’s ice cream and mine. She said, “Here they are”. When I took my cone it was warm and wrinkled, and not very brown. I chose tiramisu flavor. Finally, I decided to eat it and forget that unforgettable coffee and cake. I just wanted to leave from that place but when I put my tongue on that spherical shape, I felt the creamy, sweet, cold piece of heaven inside my mouth. I couldn’t think about anything else. I just saw the sunset.

Weird dreams

I remember being standing at the end of a very long ladder when I was 9 or 10. Under my feet there were a pool. I was getting ready to jump and feel the fresh water, but I was afraid. Ready to give that big step something weird happened. An enormous whale was waiting for me inside the pool. Of course I didn’t jump. I started giving step backwards. My heart wanted to go away, ladder was too long to go down, no one was there to help me but, I saw a face very familiar to me and when I tried to distinguish that person I opened my eyes. Time to school.
I had the same strange dream (or nightmare) many nights for a long time. Then it stops.
The last days I have had a repeated dream. It is not about a whale but water is related and I’m afraid again. Well, I’m not really afraid but intrigued

Here again!

After some days of rest and some days of extreme work. I am here again ^-^
I am very excited because I am starting something new and important. I will have to work harder if I want to have good results.
I feel nervous, I’m excited and afraid and everything…
( I am taking previous courses for the Master … and I’m eating my nails!)

Spring time!

I was very excited! I had bought a nice blue pair of butterfly wings and I had my bike fixed since Monday. We were going to celebrate the spring in a different way. The bad news is that I didn’t use my wings, I thought nobody was going to use a costume. But what was the surprise when I arrived yesterday at the meeting point… Many butterflies, some eggs (really!), a sunflower and many other wonderful characters. There was also a bike dressed like a zebra! I went with my boyfriend so I said we were dressed like a “couple in love”, and we really are. The tour started. More than four hundred bikes and unlimited smiles participated. We were like a human train, stopping cars and people who were trying to cross the street. It was very funny!

Thinking positive

I thought about starting my day before the sun’s light, but feeling the soft and warm sheets, the silence around me, and the darkness in the room, I decided stay in bed. What a great decision! Isn’t it?

Yesterday I felt like being part of the ground and dust would be the best thing that could happen to me. Now, I’m very enthusiastic and thinking that 24 hours by day are not enough for me.

It is better to be happy!